González-Martínez, Santiago C.

González-Martínez, Santiago C.

Research Director (DR2)

Team E4E


Santiago C. González Martínez

Coordinator of EVOLTREE, IUFRO Division 2 (Physiology & Genetics) & OPTFORESTS Horizon Europe project (2022-2027).

INRAE, UMR1202 BIOGECO: Biodiversité Gènes et Communautés
69 route d'Arcachon
F-33610 Cestas, France
Tel: 05 35 38 53 20

E-mail: santiago.gonzalez-martinez_at_inrae.fr
Skype/gmail: santiago.c.gonzalez.martinez

Degrees and research positions

    • Research Director (2015-). UMR1202 BIOGECO, INRA.
    • Staff Researcher (2008-2015). Forest Research Centre, INIA, Madrid (Spain).
    • Senior Marie Curie Fellow (2013-2014). DEE, University of Lausanne (Switzerland).
    • Independent ‘Ramón y Cajal’ Research fellow (2004–2008). INIA, Madrid (Spain).
    • Postdoctoral Fulbright scholar (2003–2004). University of California at Davis (USA).
    • Postdoctoral Research fellow (2001–2002). ISEM, University of Montpellier 2 (France). 
    • PhD in Forest Genetics. September 2001. Polytechnic University of Madrid (Spain).
    • MSc in Forestry. 1997. University of Valladolid (Spain).
    • BSc in Forestry. 1994. University of Valladolid (Spain).

Research interests

I have broad interests in the field of ecological and population genetics and genomics. My main current research is directed towards understanding:
    1. Local adaptation in forest trees at both wide-range and local spatial scales.
    2. The genetic processes associated with range expansions and colonization processes.
    3. The genetic basis of ecologically-relevant adaptive traits, using association genetics.
    4. The microevolutionary responses of complex forest systems to climate change.

Selected Publications

(For full publication list see Google Scholar or HAL profiles)

1. Archambeau J, Benito-Garzón M, Barraquand F, de Miguel M, Plomion C, González-Martínez SC. 2022. Combining climatic and genomic data improves range-wide tree height growth prediction in a forest tree. American Naturalist 200: 141-159. Press Release.
2. de Miguel M, Rodríguez-Quilón I, Heuertz M, Hurel A, Grivet D, Jaramillo-Correa JP, Vendramin GG, Plomion C, Majada J, Alía R, Eckert AJ, González-Martínez SC. 2022. Polygenic adaptation and negative selection across traits, years and environments in a long-lived plant species (Pinus pinaster Ait., Pinaceae). Molecular Ecology 31: 2089-2105.
3. Hurel A, de Miguel M, Dutech C, Desprez-Loustau ML, Plomion C, Rodríguez-Quilón I, Cyrille A, Guzman T, Alía R, González-Martínez SC, Budde KB. 2021. Genetic basis of growth, phenology and susceptibility to biotic stressors in maritime pine. Evolutionary Applications 14: 2750-2772.
4. Jaramillo‐Correa JP, Bagnoli F, Grivet D, Fady B, Aravanopoulos FA, Vendramin GG, González‐Martínez SC. 2020. Evolutionary rate and genetic load in an emblematic Mediterranean tree following an ancient and prolonged population collapse. Molecular Ecology 29: 4797-4811.
5. Mayol M, Riba M, Cavers S, Grivet D, Vincenot L, Cattonaro F, Vendramin GG, González-Martínez SC. 2020. A multiscale approach to detect selection in non‐model tree species: widespread adaptation despite population decline in Taxus baccata L. Evolutionary Applications 13: 143-160.
6. Grivet D, Avia K, Vaattovaara A, Eckert AJ, Neale DB, Savolainen O, González‐Martínez SC. 2017. High rate of adaptive evolution in two widespread European pines. Molecular Ecology 26: 6857-6870.
7. González-Martínez SC, Ridout K, Pannell JR. 2017. Range expansion compromises adaptive evolution in an outcrossing plant. Current Biology 27: 2544-2551.
8. Macaya‐Sanz D, Heuertz M, Lindtke D, Vendramin GG, Lexer C, González-Martínez SC. 2016. Causes and consequences of large clonal assemblies in a poplar hybrid zone. Molecular Ecology 25: 5330-5344.
9. Fady B, Cottrell J, Ackzell L, Alía R, Muys B, Prada A, González‐Martínez SC. 2016. Forests and global change: what can genetics contribute to the major forest management and policy challenges of the twenty-first century? Regional Environmental Change 16: 927-939. Review paper.
10. Rodríguez-Quilón I, Jaramillo-Correa JP, Grivet D, Majada J, Alía R, Plomion C, Vendramin GG, González-Martínez SC. 2015. Local effects drive heterozygosity–fitness correlations in an outcrossing long-lived tree. Proceedings of the Royal Society B 282: 20152230, doi: 10.1098/rspb.2015.2230.
11. Jaramillo-Correa JP, Grivet D, Lepoittevin C, Sebastiani F, Heuertz M, Garnier-Géré P, Alía R, Plomion C, Vendramin GG, González-Martínez SC. 2015. Molecular proxies of climate maladaptation in a long-lived tree (Pinus pinaster Aiton, Pinaceae). Genetics 199: 793-807. Highlighted Article.
12. Budde K, Heuertz M, Hernández-Serrano A, Pausas JG, Vendramin GG, Verdú M, González-Martínez SC. 2014. In situ genetic association for serotiny, a fire-related trait. New Phytologist 201: 230-241.
13. Alía R, Chambel R, Notivol E, Climent J, González-Martínez SC. 2014. Environment-dependent microevolution in a Mediterranean pine (Pinus pinaster Aiton). BMC Evolutionary Biology 14:200.
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